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For over two decades, H+A has stood as a beacon of retail design excellence, transforming brand visions into tangible realities. Our integrated approach, rooted in a deep understanding of both informal and formal trading environments, ensures your brand's story resonates with precision and impact.


Dive into our journey of passion, strategy, and innovation.

Bringing Brands to Life...

Dream. Design. Deliver.

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International Award Winners 


The POPAI Awards are the ultimate symbol of creativity, innovation and best practice.  A hallmark of excellence that provides the benchmark for success and the catalyst for continuous improvement.







Transforming Visions into Reality


Beyond mere strategy, we elevate in-store presence. Our collaborative approach transforms retail spaces into strategic vehicles, fortifying brand engagement and cultivating bespoke solutions tailored to each unique band narrative.

Shopper Marketing

Our design team at H+A is a collective of imagineers — graphic artists and structural designers who translate complexity into clarity with an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. They are not just designers; they are brand alchemists, transforming insights and trends into tangible success.


Armed with value engineering and rooted in design thinking, our team meticulously follows the latest market forecasts while respecting the timeless principles of design. They are informed, agile, and always aligned with your strategic objectives. By interpreting solid theories and precise client briefs, we ensure your brand narrative is not just told but is also visually compelling and strategically positioned for tomorrow's market.

Structural Engineering

Not just a digital agency, but a digital extension of H+A's ethos. From comprehensive digital content creation, corporate promotional video, to eCatalogs and dynamic social media content, we ensure your brand thrives in the digital realm.

Hero Digital

"Enhance Your In-Store Experience with Interactive Displays"

H+A elevates retail engagement by integrating state-of-the-art digital displays that capture attention and inspire action. From compact shelf units to expansive feature screens, our solutions are tailored for maximum impact. With competitive pricing plans, including rental and rent-to-own options, H&A provides media solutions that keep your brand connected, current, and compelling.

Media Solutions

Before diving into production, we meticulously test and approve designs. Our prototyping ensures that the conceptual becomes tangible, assuring designs are weight-tested and refined to perfection.

Rapid Prototyping

Our diverse in-house facilities are a testament to our commitment to quality and versatility. Whether it's a large-scale production or a bespoke project, we employ the most cost-effective and apt production methods, ensuring every piece resonates with excellence.


"Seamless Delivery, Everywhere"

H+A's distribution and logistics are precision-tuned to ensure that your retail solutions arrive on time and in perfect condition, no matter the destination. Our network is ready to navigate the complexities of logistics, delivering excellence beyond borders.

Distribution & Logistics

"Flawless Execution, Every Time"

With H+A, installation is an extension of our commitment to excellence. Our skilled teams ensure that every aspect of your retail displays are implemented flawlessly, reflecting the high standards of your brand in every detail.












Distribution & Logistics

Shopper Marketing


"Crafting Tomorrow, Responsibly"

 At H&A, our commitment extends beyond design and manufacturing excellence. We recognize our responsibility towards the planet and future generations. Our sustainability ethos is woven into every facet of our operations. From eco-friendly materials and processes to waste reduction and energy conservation, we continuously innovate to ensure our footprint is as light as the designs we craft. Join us in building a future that's not just visually compelling, but also environmentally conscious.


Celebrating Excellence and Innovation

Our journey is marked by accolades that testify to our unwavering commitment to design excellence, groundbreaking innovation, and best-in-class manufacturing. With both temporary and permanent manufacturing capabilities all under one roof, we ensure consistency, quality, and a seamless transition from concept to completion. Dive into our legacy and hear from partners who've witnessed our transformative impact first-hand.

Customer Review

As I rapidly end my time at RGBC I thought that I would just thank you both for your commitment to helping grow and build our great brands. Mike has joined the business this week and will reach out I guess, in the next few weeks.

RGBC will enter a new era and the support of creative ideas, market leading execution and best in class quality, will be essential to growing the portfolio of brands and your partnership is well position to fitful that , with the years of knowledge of working on the great brands.

Craig Doré

Marketing Director


I have worked with H&A for the past number of years and have received excellent service from the account management service team, creative thinking through to quality of work.

H&A work across multiple brands and are now the preferential partner in my business. The H&A team sit in strategic sessions, particularly when major innovation or brand strategy re-set is concerned H&A have always been professional and authentic in their dealings with the team. More importantly they strive to manage and assist with, on occasion, the most unreasonable expectations. They always go the extra mile, to ensure the best finished product; and always strive to give competitive pricing, in an environment that requires it.

I have no reservations, therefore, recommending the services of Hewitt & Associates.

Brendon Keightley

Shopper Marketing – Sales, Strategy & Planning


This report is exceptional and certainly details the current picture with great clarity.

Julian Randelhoff

Business Analytics, Case Studies and Projects


I’m really thankful for the work you guys are putting in. Thanks very much



Have to give a massive shout out to the great job that was done on the execution.

Anelia Prinsloo

Well done team so much impressive and amazing work

Jackie Pillay

A Timeline of Innovation and Growth

H+A has pioneered the 'Marketing at Retail' landscape for over two decades, grounded in the collective wisdom of our founders—spanning 80 years of industry mastery in design, client service, and manufacturing. Our journey began as a specialized entity, seamlessly integrating graphic and structural design, client service, and logistics, while overseeing outsourced manufacturing with unwavering quality control.

In a landmark move, H&A merged with Provantage Media Group, significantly expanding our 'Out of Home' media capabilities across Africa. This partnership also elevated H&A to a Level 1 BBBEE accreditation, underscoring our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Our history is not just a timeline; it's a testament to resilience, innovation, and strategic foresight. As H&A continues to evolve, we remain dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and solutions across all facets of marketing at retail.

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9 Okuhle Place, Cornubia Industrial Business Estate,

Ottwa South, South Africa. 4339


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